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3.65"x8.65" Dual Lens Interior Light Panel

Works well in Pete's from the 90's and early 2000's. There are two different screw hole layouts, so please contact us with measurements. Clear glass watermelon lenses. One white lens, one lens the color of your choice, and ceiling glow the color of your choice. Toggle switches are available.

$184 per panel

Dual Lens Interior Panel

New design with colored toggle switches and clear glass watermelon lenses. Most common size ordered is 5"x11", which work well in the newer Pete's with the clip in style factory lights. One white lens, one lens the color of your choice, ceiling glow and toggles the color of your choice. Most customers use self tappers/sheet metal screws to attach to the ceiling panel.

$190 per panel

Sleeper Interior Light Panels

Price is dependent on size and number of lenses needed. Clear glass watermelon lenses, and design can be customized. We normally do 2 white lenses, 2 lenses the color of your choice, and ceiling glow the color of your choice.

Starting at $400

Lighted Windshield bases

Your choice of design and color. Pieces pictured are 4" high, but can be made to your specifications. Also works well for anti glare.


Sleeper Window Inserts

Sleeper window inserts have a single light color included, but remote control color changing lights are available for an additional fee. Backing can be be clear, chromed out, or diamond plated. Most drivers make tabs to secure them to the windows, but let us know if you would like medical grade suction cups.

Starting at $319.00

Chromed out CB Covers

With chromed out, a mirror is placed behind the lighted design. CB covers attach with neodymium magnets.  On/off/dimmer switch is included.


Toggle Switch Extensions

Many designs and colors to choose from. Ask about custom designs. Price is for a set of 10. Fits standard "round ended" toggle switches, not the flat Kenworth toggle switches.


Shifter base plates

Your choice of design and colors. One color lights the design, another glows out onto the floor. Contact us for measurements needed.


Seat Bases

Under seat bases. Please provide the length you would need the sides to be, as well as the width required to fit around the bottom of your seat. Priced as a pair, but can be sold individually if requested.


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